Aquatabs tablets are efervescent tablets which kill microorganisms in the water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases. Aquatabs kills 99.9999% of the microorganisms in the water.

Aquatabs are available in a range of tablet sizes. Each tablet size is formulated to treat a specific volume of water – ranging from 1 liter to 180 tons.

Aquatabs are used both in emergency situations and also for continuous use in households that do not have access to safe drinking water.

We have created 30 billion liters of potable water in 2018 and our goal is to facilitate access to clean water for more people in the world. We are currently in contact with many organizations and we believe that with the help we receive from you, we will be able to reach more people.
Aquatabs is one of the products of Medentech, which has 25 years of experience. They are known by their existence in water crisis’. Each year, 2 million diarrheal deaths occur due to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene problems, and the majority are children under 5 years of age. Domestic water treatment and safe storage interventions contribute to drinking water quality and can be seen as a solution to diarrheal disease. As Sun Medikal, we are aware of the problems in Turkey and with Aquatabs we know that we have found a solution to many water-based problems.

T.C. Ministry of Health License No: 2018/ 75

United States of America - EPA License No:  71847 - 4


Quality and Safety Assurance

  • Aquatabs  have been in use since 1984 and no side effects were reported.
  • Aquatabs are manufactured to full  pharmaceutical standards, certified to the European Union guidelines on GMP for medicines.

  • Aquatabs are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade and food grade materials and do not contain any industrial grade material.

  • The packaging and shlef life of Aquatabs have  been veried through stability studies performed to International Council on Harmonization Standards (ICH).

  •  The active ingredient in Aquatabs: Troclosene Sodium, is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for routine treatment of drinking water. Aquatabs meets European Standards for drinking water (EN12931: 2000) and World Health Organization (WHO)/ The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) specifications for drinking water.

  • Aquatabs tablets meet the American National Standards Insititue (ANSI) Standard 60 as certified by the National Sanitiation Foundation (NSF). 

  • In the past year over 1 billion Aquatabs tablets have been used globally.











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